Worship Arts

Cornerstone worship arts includes Praise and Worship, choir, orchestra and special music with musical productions.

Worship Teams: The worship team leads the congregation on Sundays.
The orchestra plays for each Sunday service with practices held throughout the year.
Special Music:
Soloists or groups are scheduled for each Sunday Service.
Church Choir: Currently takes part in seasonal productions and other special presentations. The musicals utilize the talents of set and costume design, technical lighting and sound.

At Cornerstone Church, we believe that music is a way to prepare our hearts to enter into God’s presence and then, once there, to praise and worship Him. It is a special way to minister to Him and to the members of the congregation.

The Worship Team is composed of singers and instrumentalists who blend their musical talents into harmonies of praise and worship. The team meets for a time of practice and pre-service prayer and leads the congregation in singing that glorifies God. The Orchestra combines the sounds of woodwinds, brass, strings, keyboards and percussion to provide instrumental music that enhances our praise, worship and prayer times.

Soloists and Small Groups utilize their God-given talents to minister to God and His church during regularly scheduled and special services. The Church Choir ministers to both the local congregation and to our communities with seasonal musical dramas and other special presentations. The musical productions give other Cornerstone members an opportunity to use their talents for set construction, costume design, lighting, sound, publicity and make-up. In addition to the seasonal productions, Cornerstone Church also provides opportunities for those interested in Drama with short skits scheduled throughout the church calendar year.

God has blessed our church with an intense desire to use the talents he has abundantly provided. We pray that our efforts to minister through music will be a blessing to you.

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