Growth Groups

Growth Groups – Small Group Ministry
“Experiencing Life In Community”

What Is A Growth Group?
Growth Groups are intentional gatherings of 3-12 people who meet on a regular basis for the purpose of discovering and growing in Christ. Whether your need is for study, support, or fellowship, the small group provides a caring environment.

What kinds of Growth Groups are there?
Study groups, discipleship groups, ministry/task groups, and topical groups.

See the Growth Groups Bulletin Board and Sunday Bulletin announcements for further details.

Why should I join a Growth Group?
A Growth group provides a more personal environment for fellowship, encouragement, belonging and connection to Cornerstone Church.

Scripture is studied and applied into daily experiences, burdens are shared, victories are celebrated … lives are changed. There is Growth group for you!

When should I join a Growth Group?
NOW! Fill out a Growth group Sign-up Form in the church lobby or use the back of a connection card and drop it in the offering plate. You may also contact our Growth Groups Leader at 978-297-3125. Welcome to the Family!

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