Department Leaders

Pastor Dan Lewiston
(978) 297-3125    Email Pastor Dan
Ministries: Lead Pastor





Pastor Amanda Lillie
(978) 297-3125     Ext 112 – Email Pastor Amanda
Ministries: KIDS Church





Pastor Jay Lillie
(978) 297-3125     Ext 105 – Email Pastor JVisit Pastor J’s Blog
Ministries: Pastor of Worship Arts





Pastor Jen Lewiston
(978) 297-3125    Email Pastor Jen
Ministries: Next Gen Pastor, Guest Services Director






Nancy Phelps
(978) 297-3125     Ext 103 – Email Nancy
Ministry: Church Administrator





Wendy Brouillet
(978) 297-3125     Ext 101 – Email Wendy
Ministry: Missions






Betty Knowlton

Betty Knowlton
(978) 297-3125     Ext 118 – Email Betty
Ministry: Music




Dave and Tina

Dave and Tina Bauver

Dave and Tina Bauver
(978) 297-3125     Ext 119 – Email Royal Rangers
Ministry: Royal Rangers




Curt Phelps

Curt Phelps

Curt Phelps
(978) 297-3125     Ext 101 – Email Usher Ministry
Ministry: Usher Ministry




Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson
(978) 297-3125     Ext 101 – Email Wee Worship
Ministry: Wee Worship



Pastor Donna Slocum
(978) 297-3125     x101 – Email Donna
Ministry: Compassion Ministry





Janice Huff

Janice Huff & Sara Glidden
(978) 297-3125    Email Janice & Sara
Ministry: MPact Girls Clubs




Raymond Parker

Raymond Parker
(978) 297-3125    Email Ray
Ministry: Van Ministry




Lynn and Dot

Dot Drisdelle and Lynn Roux

Dot Drisdelle and Lynn Roux 
(978) 297-3125    Email Dot and Lynn
Ministry: Prayer Shawl Ministry




Carrie Hackett
(978) 297-3125     ext 103- Email Carrie
Ministry: Executive Administrator to the lead Pastor.

Cornerstone Café Leader




Tim and Julie Slocum

Tim Slocum and Pastor Julie Slocum

Tim Slocum and Pastor Julie Slocum
(978) 297-3125     ext 103- Email Tim and Julie
Ministry: Young Adults Group Leaders


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