The members of Cornerstone Church are a wonderfully blessed and gifted people.

“It is not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit”, saith the Lord, that the work of ministry is to be accomplished.

Things work best when they are plugged in. Most of us have a microwave in our home, and we know that the only way that it will work is if it is plugged in.

Your experience at Cornerstone Church should be the same way. We feel that coming to church should be more than just listening to a sermon and singing a few songs. Church should be the gathering of a community that shares their interests and helps one another with the problems they may be facing.

Our ministries focus on helping our members and guests build real and lasting relationships with one another. We want you to get plugged into our “community” and to God so that your life can “work better.”

We have a variety of ministries designed to draw us closer to God and to each other. If you cannot find an area of interest, please call our church office so we can help you find a place to get plugged in.

To learn more about the ministries that we have to offer just select one of the links links below:

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